Information Page

The Date:   June 8-9, 2018

What time will sale start:

The sale begins at 7:00am and ends 7:00 pm on both days –  Shop dawn to dusk

How much to rent space

It is free to participate as a seller – Plenty of “free” outdoor spaces

Who may be a vendor?

Anyone with property (commercial or residential) along Highway 72 is welcome to bring their own items and sell them along the road.  (Now’s the time to clean out your attic!)  You are also free to invite your friends, neighbors, church groups, civic groups or anybody else you want to join you on your property.

If I own property on Hwy 72 or along the route can I rent spaces to vendors who want it?

You may rent space or let vendors use your property for free.  It’s your property, and it’s totally up to you.

Are non-profit groups allowed to sell stuff?

Absolutely!  We encourage churches, schools, fraternal organizations, etc. to find a spot on the route and start selling items.  If you get your members to donate items to you, this can be a great way to raise money.

Can I just park my truck beside the road and sell stuff?

Please obtain permission from the property owner before you just park on his or her property and start selling.  You may find someone who will let you set up and sell for free, or you two may agree on a fee.

If you want to know who owns a particular piece of property, all you have to do is check with the Registrar of Deeds in the county you plan to sell.

Are there restaurants along the way?

Yes!  Please visit the restaurants page for more information.  You will also find a lot of food vendors along the 121 corridor.

How is the traffic?

It’s fun to drive along 121 during the yard sale!  The yard sales tend to cluster together;  several neighbors get together and each has a sale going in their yard.  As you drive, you may go for a mile or two at 55 m.p.h. and really be able to enjoy the scenery.  Then you’ll spot the cars parked on the shoulder up ahead, and you know what that means: more yard sales!

Are there public restrooms available?

There will be restrooms along the way.  Most restaurants are glad for people to come in and use the restroom.  (The reason they are glad is that about 70% of the people who use the restroom usually buy something!)  The rest rooms will be mapped out.

Remember the rules of the road!

 Please drive with caution and be alert to others around you on and beside the road.

 Remember to always use your seatbelts and turn signals.

 Please do not exceed the posted speed limit.

 Please use extreme caution when crossing the highway on foot.

 Don’t stop suddenly if you spot an item that catches your eye.

 Please avoid U-turns.

 Pull completely off the road when you stop to look or buy something.

The regions tourism boards are promoting the yard sale to bring tourists and visitors to the area to enjoy our beautiful cities, towns and counties.  The Tourism Boards are not official sponsors of the yard sale and therefore have no control over anything that might happen during the sale.



  1. Hi, i am not sure if you are aware of this or not, but the dates you have are the same dates as the peachtree 23. I would love to be able to do both. Maybe next year consider having this on a different day. The peachtree 23 is the first Saturday in June of every year. Also i did not even hear about this until yesterday. The local paper in laurens county didn’t advertise. Thank you

    1. Hi Sonya, thanks for providing that information. Yes, we are aware of the Peachtree 23.. (which we learned about after our dates). Next year’s dates will be different. Ours will be June 5 & 6.

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