The Hot Spots!

Did you know YardSales are a great way to clear the clutter and make some money?  Gather your thing because now’s the time!!!   The i2i Yardsale has become one of the biggest attractions for our area with communities banning together to bring tourism. We’ve had die-hard yardsale shoppers and vendors travel from No. Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Myrtle Beach, and even New Jersey for the fun and the thrill of the hunt! So join in and let’s make this a success!! It’s free to vend, and all vendors are welcome! Hope to see you here!!!  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us!!


Map Your Sale


Hey  YardSalers!!  We hope you’re gearing up for another treasure hunt to come find your diamond in the rough.  The i2i Yard Sale is scheduled for June 8-9, 2018.  As previous years you’ll be traveling along the Hwy 121 corridor from Newberry, SC to Hwy 176 into the historic town of Chester, SC  and ending in Richburg.   The I2I Yard was a tremendous success and we anticipate large numbers of vendors to satisfy your thrill of the hunt.   Shoppers can find antiques, whimsical items, and treasures along the route.  You’ll be traveling through the picturesque Sumter National Forrest taking in nature’s bountiful scenery.  Shoppers will have the opportunity to make stops along the way at various yard sale locations, meeting and greeting all the friendly folks.

Yard sales are ways to have family fun while exploring the simple pleasure of taking a road trip.   Here are some of the few finds offered at last year’s  locations

A shopper’s delight!!!

Don’t want to shop?  Then how about sell?  Yes, we welcome all vendors to come and join the fun.  It’s free to participate – contact us if you have any questions.  So let’s get ready – start packing so you can start selling.







We’re Coming Back!!!!!


We’re gearing things up and getting ready for the 5th Annual I2I Yardsale Event.  This year’s event is June 8-9, 2018.  So mark your calendars and be prepared and get excited!!   The route is the same as always and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  For the Chester/Union Area please contact:   Elizabeth Claytor at 803-379-1683     and for the   Whitmire/Newberry area contact Jamala Wallace at           803-463-0678.

As always, it’s free to set up so come sell your stuff!!!

It’s On AGAIN!!

The I2I  Yardsale is in it’s 4th year and growing strong!  Gather your items – declutter your homes and get ready to make money!!  Or get ready to get your shop on!!! Much to see, buy and sell.. We look forward to seeing you…  SAVE THE DATE !!!!!!   JUNE 2-3, 2017!!!!!!!!!!

Town of Whitmire welcomes you to the I2I Yard Sale

along with the Town of Chester

Shoppers came from all over to find their  collectibles and hidden treasures and thrift goodies..



Gather your Items!

Hello everyone!!!

By now you should have started to stock pile of all the items you’re ready to sell at the I2I Yard Sale.. We are excited and hope you are too!!  The route has been planned and is still the same as the previous years.

rack card1               rack card


Get your Shopping On!!  Hunt for clothes, shoes, household items, you name it – you’ll find it at the BIG I2I Yard Sale..  Plan your trip and have fun shopping till you drop!



Coming Soon!

rack card1

I hope you’re excited!! We’re gearing up to have plenty to shop for.  The I2I is one of South Carolina’s longest YardSales!  Shop two days dawn to dusk for collectibles, furniture, clothes, jewelry, antiques, etc!!!  There’ll be food to eat and places to stop and shop.  For those looking to sell your stuff, we have plenty of free outdoor spaces available.  There are also indoor spaces available to rent for a nominal fee.

rack card

We look forward to seeing you!


Clear Your Clutter


Did you know a yard sale is the best way to clear your clutter and make a few extra dollars! Yes, it’s been proven that One Man’s Junk – Is Another Man’s Treasure    This Spring get a jump start on your spring cleaning and begin to stock pile for the I2I Yard Sale.    The dates are June 3-4, 2016.

Gather boxes to store your items, mark boxes Yard Sale, and start loading them up.  Clear your garage, make a spot for unwanted items and begin adding your items for the sale.

Begin making your checklist so you don’t forget anything.

There are free outdoor spaces to vend, or you can rent an indoor spaces for a nominal fee.  If you have any  questions, feel free to contact us!   All are welcome to come vend!

We’re Gearing Up!!

Hello Yard-Salers!!!!

The Towns of Whitmire and Chester are pleased to announce the plans are underway for this year’s yard sale.  We hope you’re ready and getting busy, clearing the clutter, and ready to make some money!

This year the I2I will be held June 3-4, 2016.  Shop dawn to dusk –  The route is still the same..

stock photo

Vendors are welcome and for space information please call 803-463-0678 or 803-379-1683

Time is Approaching!!

Hello!! Hello!!  Hello!!   Time is approaching and we hope you’re getting excited about the I2I Yard Sale Event.  All vendors and shoppers are welcome to come shop and sell any and all goods.!  This year’s dates are June 5&6, 2015.  Shop dawn to dusk for all your collectibles, vintage items, thrifty finds, etc..etc..

Whitmire Route

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!  JUNE 5 &6, 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Whitmire Route for the yard sale has been set.. Shoppers will be routed from Chester SC-hwy 72 – make a right on Church. Take to Leaman Ave and make a left on to Leaman Ave. Cross over to Evans St. and left on Central Ave. Take to Gilliam St and make a left. Left on Main Street – travel along Main Street and right on to Broom Street – right on Church Street take Church Street to the end and right onto 121 towards Newberry. If you have any questions, please contact us. All vendors are welcome!!

This is the perfect time to earn extra money on unused items, or shop for collectibles, antiques, yard sale finds etc..

The communities will band together in groups or as individuals for this two-day weekend excursion as they welcome the onslaught of visitors from North, South, East and West.   It is a mutual exchange of common goals which is to look, buy and sell!  As you drive the country roads, you will meet people, socialize and  partake in a series of dialects privy to incredible stories related to the individuals and the items they sell and not to mention see a plethora of items that will remind you of the good ole’ days or things your grandmother would love or had.  This event destines to be Americana at its best.  Shoppers can enjoy hunting for their treasures from dawn till dusk.  Signage will be posted every 2 miles to keep you on the right path.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COME ON OUT AND HUNT FOR BARGAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!